The Thames Path - walking from Weybridge to Kingston-Upon-Thames.

The old lock-keepers cottage at Sunbury, River Thames, England. Walking or cycling along this 10 or so mile section of the Thames Path is really enjoyable - plenty to look at and nearly always seemingly in countryside because of the amount of trees and foliage along the route. There is a regular bus service operating between Weybridge and Kingston - bus 461 takes about 50 minutes and does the trip every 30 minutes during Monday to Saturday and runs hourly on Sundays.
From the ferry the Thames Path passes a small private river island and then shortly reaches a small bridge at the start of Desborough Channel - the channel is a cut since The Thames itself takes a huge loop thus forming Desborough Island. Although the official Thames Path route follows straight along the cut you can cross the bridge onto Desborough Island and walk round it's edge. A path follows the River Thames bank most of the way round and the area has meadows and plenty of trees and foliage thus making a nice diversion. The path changes to a narrow lane about 3/4s way round and just follow the lane back to another bridge at the other end of Desborough Channel and regain The Thames Path. Walton Bridge comes into view - the old bridge has become totally unsafe and is soon to be demolished - now there is a brand new Walton Bridge which features modern look concrete - well in keeping with the old River Thames and it's beautiful bridges (not!).
From the bridge the path and river follow quite a straight line for a change - with a very pleasant often tree-lined path to walk or cycle along with the next feature at Sunbury. The first thing you come across is the Old Lock-Keepers Cottage and this is where the original lock was situated. Just here The Thames has another island which is open to the public - the bridge across is adjacent to the Lock-Keepers cottage. Hampton Court Palace buildings seen from The River Thames. The small island is laced with paths and is covered with trees and foliage - at one end there are good views of the weir and at the other equally good views of Sunbury Locks. Back on The Thames Path you then shortly arrive at the two Sunbury Locks. The walking remains really good - often tree-lined and then going past Hurst Park - where incidentally there are several bench seats scattered around and from where a cross-river ferry runs during the summer months. Having passed several more small islands the lock and weir at Molesey arrives and very soon after that Hampton Court Bridge.
Hampton Court was built for Cardinal Wolsey in the early 1500s but is possibly more known as a regular residence of King Henry VIII who "acquired" it from the Cardinal. This is possibly one of the best preserved Tudor buildings in England - and is a very popular tourist attraction. The Thames Path now changes sides but before crossing over the bridge perhaps go over the road and into Cigarette Island Park - from the river bank there are pretty good views of Hampton Court Palace and gardens.
Back on The Thames Path and having crossed the bridge the route now goes passed Hampton Court Palace and Gardens - sadly much of this is bordered by two quite high steel fences so only glimpses of the gardens can be seen.
The area is yet again really good for walking through - the river and path (also known as the Barge Walk) take a slow bend round Hampton Court Park and then straightens to eventually arrive at Kingston-Upon-Thames Bridge.

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